Oru Cuisine has always been known for our breakfast and brunch buffets. But the not so early birds need not worry. We also have something special in store for lunch and dinner.  At Oru Cuisine, we want to make sure that each dining experience is a satisfying event for everyone who comes into our restaurant and dines in our tables. Check out our menu for Lunch Table d’Hote.   

Lunch Table d’Hote 

Oru Cuisine offers set meals for a fixed price of $38.00. Our diners can choose from: 

  • Apple Streusel Pecan Salad which has servings of fresh apples and candied pecan streusel smothered with Brie cheese on top of our mixed greens and covered with our caramel apple dressing 
  • Roasted Squash Salad which features squash roasted over maple syrup, with generous servings of roasted almonds and feta on top of our fresh mixed greens with maple vinaigrette dressing 
  • Almond Lingcod for those who love the combination of  almonds, lingcod, Brussel  sprouts, balsamic, our house-made bacon lardon, and mushrooms 
  • Smoked Chicken Risotto is a sumptuous serving of Carnaroli rice, oyster mushroom, dried cranberries, tarragon leaves, wine gel, and goat cheese 
  • Squid Arrabbiata Linguini is squid covered with our Arrabbiata sauce, topped with shallots, garlic, olive, and chili 

Those availing our set menu can also supplement their meals with the following for $8.00: 

  • Macadamia Nut Tart features our toasted macadamias covered  with pineapple saute, bourbon caramel, and  topped with vanilla bean ice cream 
  • House-Made Ice Cream or Sorbet which features our Chef’s selection of flavors for the day  

Our set menus are carefully selected by our Chef which feature our house specialties. In essence, you can say that you have tasted the best that Oru Cuisine has to offer whenever you order any one of our Lunch Table d’Hote. 


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