Oru Cuisine takes pride in receiving the Certificate of Excellence Award from the travel website, Trip Advisor. This means that travelers from all over the world who have gone to our restaurant have given us excellent reviews based on their own experiences. For us, this is the ultimate reward because there is no greater satisfaction on our part than to know that our patrons loved the food that we served. From the Chef and staff of Oru Cuisine, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for appreciating all our effort. Rest assured that we will continue to provide an excellent dining experience for anyone who enters our restaurant to prove to everyone that we are worthy of the award.  

We would like to share with you what other people say about Oru Cuisine. 

“We had a very satisfying dining experience at Oru Cuisine. When we got there, their attendant assisted us right away in parking our car. You can really tell that they offer great service when they assist you even when you are not yet inside the doors of their restaurant. Our family availed of their brunch buffet and our tummies were full with their extensive selection of dishes and drinks. We all loved their dessert bar especially the sugar buns, macaroons, and donuts. The restaurant staff was very helpful and they would inform you of the house specialties being offered in the buffet.” 

“I am a certified meat lover, especially bacon that is why I love the buffets at Oru Cuisine because I can have all the bacon that I want and almost every dish has bacon on it which makes them all perfect for my taste. It is truly a treat whenever I come here to eat.” 

“Dining at Oru Cuisine is getting value for your money. Service was outstanding all throughout our stay. Our server informed us about what we needed to know regarding the dishes and house specialties. The food presentation was superb. The ambiance in the restaurant was both relaxed and classy. And of course, the food tasted great.” 

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